February 23, 2014

Monthly Subscription Boxes – Jewelry Subscription Box Lucid Box February Unboxing Haul


Monthly subscription boxes have been showing up out of nowhere in tens… no hundreds. Monthly boxes with organic food, baby toys or clothes, cosmetics, even tampons… you can get monthly anything. It’s hard to believe that Lucid Box will be turning 2 this July. Woohoo! 2 years old. It’s been a great box ride. Lots of happy subscribers and Lucid Box has been a great help for the Lucid jewelry company.

The subscribers get their boxes and if they like them, they spread the word. Yey. Check out Leti, cute YouTuber who opened the February Box on camera showing what was inside and giving her honest opinion about it.

Did you like what’s in the box? You can start getting your own for just $29/month. This is the link: http://member.ly/lucid-box

January 27, 2014

Jewelry Designer Dolly Cohen and her Custom Made Teeth Jewelry

It’s shocking, it’s never been seen before. It’s a French jewelry designer Dolly Cohen and her custom made teeth jewelry.


Check out Rihanna and her custom made crosses, which fit perfectly on her teeth. Each piece has to be made to order so first there was a mold, which looked like that:

cross teeth jewelry-rihanna

I actually discovered the work of Dolly Cohen because I follow Cara Delevingne on instagram and here is what she posted the other day


Voila! Her own teeth jewelry piece. To be taken off before eating I imagine. Ha!

So the jewelry designer Dolly Cohen has no website, just her facebook page, twitter and is present in other social media places. I guess she took a different route to promoting and selling – “put it out there and they’ll find you.” Oh the power of celebrities…

December 2, 2013

Finding Beautiful Diamond Rings

engagement rings

People, who want to make sure that they are fully satisfied with their choice of an engagement ring should look into either doing a lot of research or getting professional help. When you want to put a special smile on your lady’s face, you should make sure that you put some time and energy into the choosing process. You should make sure you pay attention to the five C’s of the diamonds¬† – cut, clarity, color, carat, certification but also pay attention that the ring represents something special, that both you and her know about. Does the ring have a special history behind it? Did you have to get it from a special place? Base your engagement ring search on the memories that you share together. Make sure it evokes something special, there’s nothing better than a story behind a piece of jewelry.

Besides the 5C’s and the personality matching make sure the color of the ring is the jewelry color she wears and prefers. Most engagement rings nowadays are white gold or platinum but there are ladies, who prefer traditional yellow gold or an unusual rose gold color.

Not sure which one of the 5 C’s you should start your search with? I’d start with the cut. Here is a post I wrote about the most popular diamond cuts. Happy shopping!


November 4, 2013

Bryant Park Holiday Shops




Ah the Holiday markets… so charming, beautiful and special. The Bryant Park Holiday Shops located on 40th street between 5th and 6th avenues in New York City opened this weekend. With balmy 60 degree weather, the opening was a great success.

I was trying to recover from the four day intense set-up and still finishing up a thing here and there to make everything run smoother and easier. Lucid New York jewelry booth is open everyday from 9am-9pm until January 5th and in December we’ll have extended hours until midnight. Yey!

October 1, 2013

Hawaiian The Legend of Eddie Aikau Movie and Eddie Would Go Book


Whether you’re a documentary movie fanatic or a non-fiction book lover, there’s a new gem for you. Tonight at 8pm EST on ESPN you can watch the fascinating story of Eddie Aikau, Hawaiian legend known for helping people and surfing the biggest waves. The movie is fascinating, and inspirational. Pick up the award winning Eddie Would Go book, which has been successfully selling for years.

September 26, 2013

Ring Sizes

handmade-jewelry-ringsAs I’m about to send this jewelry email campaign I started thinking about questions I have been getting about rings and ring sizes. Over the years I’ve been noticing many girls trying the rings on, only to notice that they usually don’t fit. The main reason for that is that they usually try them on on the so called “ring finger”, which is the second thinnest finger. The size of my ring finger is for example 5.5. If I was going to try the rings on that finger I’d be leaving frustrated as most stores offer rings in sizes 6, 7 and 8.

The reason is that the non engagement rings are usually meant to be worn on the “non-ring finger.” Seriously… Next time you try on a ring, be open to try it on your index finger for example. You’ll have way more options. Save the ring finger for THE RING.

September 20, 2013

Bracelet Sizes – How to Know What Bracelet Size to Order


As I was sending my email campaign today I got an idea for a blog post, which many of you may find useful. I noticed that necklaces sell way better than bracelets online and when I asked a few of my girlfriends as to why they think that was, they gave me a non surprising answer: “because often we are too afraid to get the wrong size of a bracelet.”

I understand the size uncertainty as far as the cuffs are concerned but it’s easy to determine once and for all how long your chain bracelet should be. If you look at the bracelets above, which by the way are on special today and I’ll probably keep the special tomorrow as well, you notice they look like they fit snug but not too tight. That’s exactly how you want your chain bracelet to fit. If it’s too loose you’ll end up not showing the central part of the bracelet – the Swarovski crystal in the case above, because it will be falling down your wrist. If your bracelet is too tight it’ll put more pressure on the links of the chain so it can break easier.

So how can you get the perfect bracelet size? The simple answer is: measure your wrist and add half an inch. If you’re tempted to get a chain bracelet as a gift, your best bet is to get the most popular bracelet size, which is 6.5 inches.

So now get some bracelets, have a party!

July 25, 2013

Transition from Day to Night with Jewelry


Doesn’t this necklace look like on vacation? Hahaha.

When you get an unexpected invitation to join the apres beach crowd for drinks and there’s no way in the world you’ll make it home to change and the only way to freshen up is public bathroom… you’ll be glad to have it. What? The piece of jewelry to help you with the day to night transition. This on vacation necklace is perfect for that. You can hold your bathing suit you’ve just took off (to change back into your underwear) in one hand and put on the necklace using the other hand only. Yes, that’s right – there’s a clasp but no need for it, the necklace goes right over your head. One hand job.



This is what it looks like on. Or join two of them for a coolness overload. They’ll definitely make any simple beach cover up look and feel special. Staying on the theme of special, these on vacation necklaces are on special today only – $39 each or $75 for 2. Free shipping. There’s also a special deal for the earrings and necklace set, just click, click, click.

July 18, 2013

Stackable Crystal Rings

stackable-rings-turquoiseThese Swarovsky crystal stackable rings have been a hit since first initially introduced at one of the shows a few months ago. They were displayed on a plate like candies, girls were gathering around the plate trying them on and choosing their favorite combinations. They were giving advice to each other regarding the colors and the finger to wear them on making me think that the plate with rings was the fashionistas’ water cooler equivalent.

My personal favorite ring combination is the Ocean Obsessed Ring Lot, I’m a big fan of all shades of turquoise and blue, loving some shades of seafoam as well.



For those of you with Fashion Calling the colors of the above stackable rings are a dream come true. The colors are playful and well fitting with most of your summer and beyond wardrobe.  Both of these ring lots are $49 instead of $55 today.



And here they are all 6 of the crystal rings – for sale at an amazing deal of $85 instead of $110. Free shipping. Yes!

The great thing about these rings is that you can get all six of them and either keep them or if you feel the need of bonding with your BFF, you can generously offer her one. These rings are perfect for sharing!

July 11, 2013

Leaf Necklaces


The iterations of this necklace have been with Lucid for a while. Then the perfect length and the perfect amount of leaves was created. Tada! Here it is. Versatile like so many pieces of Lucid jewelry, this necklace can be it all – long or doubled, transformed into a bracelet, or an anklet. Yey!

I’m wearing 2 leaf necklaces in the pictures – silver plated and rose gold plated. Mixing metals for some summer fun. Do it too, they’re on special today – $39 instead of $55 and free shipping. Want to get them both? I thought so. $75 for both today only. Tada!

Also if you’re more of a purist and are not really into mixing metals, you can get 2 silver plated or 2 rose gold plated necklaces, just please mention your needs in the comments. Thanx. Lots of summer happiness from me to you!


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