February 15, 2013

Adeam – Brand New Brand at the New York Fashion Week Showing Remarkable Nature Inspired Jewelry Collection


It is so refreshing to see a brand new designer embarking on her first show at the New York Fashion Week. The Japanese born Hanako launched her brand Adeam in 2011. It’s so inspiring to see that she’s already had her first fashion presentation at one of the world most respected places – Lincoln Center during the New York Fashion Week. Hanako’s inspiration was forest, when creating she had a city girl wandering in the woods in mind. I loved that the designer paid a great attention to the jewelry collection as well. It’s so fabulous to see someone showing the entire look carefully tied together. I think it’s only achievable if it’s created by the same person. How can you split or delegate a vision?


runway jewelry

The theme continues through these interesting branch looking bracelets.


Bracelets worn on both hands, noticed this fall trend at other shows as well. I love it, I think it ads more polish.



Check out these structural earrings. Little sculptures in your ears. Delightful.

branch earrings

Nature jewelry is so intriguing. The branch necklace by Lucid New York was one of my best sellers this past Holiday season.


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