July 18, 2013

Stackable Crystal Rings

stackable-rings-turquoiseThese Swarovsky crystal stackable rings have been a hit since first initially introduced at one of the shows a few months ago. They were displayed on a plate like candies, girls were gathering around the plate trying them on and choosing their favorite combinations. They were giving advice to each other regarding the colors and the finger to wear them on making me think that the plate with rings was the fashionistas’ water cooler equivalent.

My personal favorite ring combination is the Ocean Obsessed Ring Lot, I’m a big fan of all shades of turquoise and blue, loving some shades of seafoam as well.



For those of you with Fashion Calling the colors of the above stackable rings are a dream come true. The colors are playful and well fitting with most of your summer and beyond wardrobe.  Both of these ring lots are $49 instead of $55 today.



And here they are all 6 of the crystal rings – for sale at an amazing deal of $85 instead of $110. Free shipping. Yes!

The great thing about these rings is that you can get all six of them and either keep them or if you feel the need of bonding with your BFF, you can generously offer her one. These rings are perfect for sharing!


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