September 29, 2008

Charm Necklace – Heart with Wings

The beauty of the charm necklaces is their hidden meaning. It’s amazing to buy a charm necklace for a friend and show her how well you know her by chosing the right one. Is she a horse lover, an avid traveller or has a long distance relationship? (a plane necklace would be perfect), is she a surfer and ocean lover or a fan of good luck charms? How about you? What charm are you? What message would you like to convey/wear on your neck?

For a while I was wearing the key charm necklace as it made me think of mystery and success.

Now my favorite charm necklace is Heart with Wings. I love it because of its message of love and freedom. Plus I love the symbolism of wings – extension of energy. Heart with Wings necklace is unusual, beside the meaning above I see it as an illustration of urban life and art…


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