June 22, 2009

First Day of Summer

Today is the first day of summer and I decided to treat it a little like January 1st and write my summer to-do list.

First my travel/events schedule (for now):

June 26 – 28 – my friends birthday weekend in the Hamptons

July 1 – 11 – trip with my friends to Cartagena (Colombia) and Panama

July 14 – August 4th – photography classes

July 24 – July 26 – Hamptons weekend – MacDella Foundation polo match/dinner benefit on July 25th

August 9th – my best friend’s Kelley’s wedding

August 20 – 24 – New York International Gift Show and my showing of Lucid New York Holiday 2009 collection

Sept 1-8 – Paris trip and Pret-a-Porter Paris Fashion Week

Sept 10-17 – New York Fashion Week


Things on my summer to-do list:

- take sailing lessons (done, took sailing classes May 30 ad June 1st) and sail

- see Shakespeare in the Park (going on Tuesday)

- take photography lessons and play with my toy Nikon D90 (signed up!)

- read the Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb and the follow book Fooled by Randomness

- get better at tennis

- attend concerts in the park

- and many other friends’ birthdays, rooftop parties and summer fun…


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