August 20, 2009

New York Gift Show and How to Take Care of Orchids

my booth at the New York Gift Show

I’ve been very busy getting my winter collection ready for New York International Gift Show, which started on Sunday and is ending tomorrow. Store owners attend it to see our Holiday collections and place their orders. One of my Gift Show rituals is buying white orchids to decorate my booth. I take them home after the show.

Every time I challenge myself with how long I can keep them for. Last time I got them to last for over four months. There’s a secret of taking care of orchids: water them once in 10 days.

June 22, 2009

First Day of Summer

Today is the first day of summer and I decided to treat it a little like January 1st and write my summer to-do list.

First my travel/events schedule (for now):

June 26 – 28 – my friends birthday weekend in the Hamptons

July 1 – 11 – trip with my friends to Cartagena (Colombia) and Panama

July 14 – August 4th – photography classes

July 24 – July 26 – Hamptons weekend – MacDella Foundation polo match/dinner benefit on July 25th

August 9th – my best friend’s Kelley’s wedding

August 20 – 24 – New York International Gift Show and my showing of Lucid New York Holiday 2009 collection

Sept 1-8 – Paris trip and Pret-a-Porter Paris Fashion Week

Sept 10-17 – New York Fashion Week


Things on my summer to-do list:

- take sailing lessons (done, took sailing classes May 30 ad June 1st) and sail

- see Shakespeare in the Park (going on Tuesday)

- take photography lessons and play with my toy Nikon D90 (signed up!)

- read the Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb and the follow book Fooled by Randomness

- get better at tennis

- attend concerts in the park

- and many other friends’ birthdays, rooftop parties and summer fun…