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Lucid Love Foundation - Hands on, Transparent Giving

I truly believe that every child deserves a childhood. The hardest for me is to know that there are so many children in the world deprived of necessities - water, food, education, healthcare. It's hard to watch children forced to be adults at a young age - children who work, children who are soldiers and those who are not even given a chance to live...

In SouthWest Ethiopia there are still tribes that kill Mingi newborns - considered "cursed" because they got their upper teeth before the bottom ones, they were born out of wedlock or they were twins. John Rowe, nationally famous photographer working with National Geographic and Lale Labuko started Omo Child - charity organization with the goal of saving Mingi children and trying to put a stop to the "cursed" newborn killing. 37 Mingi children have been saved so far, they're being raised by nannies and offered healthy childhood and education.

There are more Ethiopian children waiting for help. There's a large number of Ethiopian children who lost their parents to Aids and usually the eldest child has to take on a role of the "Orphan Head of Household" and learn a skill to support himself and his siblings.


I've been in touch with Hanna Orphan's Home in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia and the orphanage needs clothes, books, toys, school supplies. It's not as difficult to open an orphanage but the real challenge is to make it sustainable.

The goal of Lucid Love Foundation is to make an impact and help children in need have a childhood. By getting one of the jewelry pieces below, you'll help make it happen. 50% of the proceeds will go directly to Hanna Orphan's Home in Addis Abba. That's $25 from every piece sold. Lucid Love Foundation is all about transparency. I'll be disclosing exactly how much was sent to the Ethiopian orphanage and how was the money used. Lucid Love Foundation - hands on, transparent giving.

Please help make a long term impact.

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