What's the jewelry made of?

Every piece of jewelry has an online description but most Lucid New York pieces are rhodium plated, 14k Gold Filled or Sterling Silver.

How long will the jewelry last and how can I best care for it?

Honestly it all depends on how someone takes care of the jewelry. If worn in the shower, the jewelry may lose its sparkle depending on the piece. It's best not to shower with it and keep it in the jewelry box.

Where's my order, can I call Lucid?

Lucid New York is a small local jewelry company and there's no dedicated person to answer calls. If you placed an order and you didn't receive it after 8 days, please contact Anna at Anna (at) AnnaSabino.com

Can I get the tracking number of my order?

All Lucid New York jewelry pieces are sent first class via post office with no tracking number. They'll arrive safely at your home within 5-8 days of placing the order.