Lucid Foundation

The idea for Lucid Foundation started because I couldn't find what I was looking for. The beginning of this story probably reminds you of how most businesses started. Owners started companies because the clothes they were trying on didn't fit, the bags weren't the designs they liked, etc. I started Lucid Foundation because I haven't been able to find my way to donate.

Whenever I was donating I was always wondering what percentage of money I gave was going where and when. I started doing research and found out that the largest charity companies - those that ask us to run or walk for causes, donate 4% of the proceeds to the actual cause... 4%!

Then I started asking myself what if there was a foundation, which was giving 100% of everything donated. I've been drawn to the idea of lucid, transparent giving - a person donates, the foundation buys what's needed and hand delivers it. You'll be able to see exactly where your money went - we'll take a picture of the Sri Lanka orphans getting their much needed computer thanks to you, pictures of the orphans in the east of India with their umbrellas - they will now be able to do their two mile walk to school during the June-August typhoon season without sitting in classes soaked all day.

You'll know the prices - getting an umbrella locally is $2, a computer - $700, a sawing machine - $100, you'll see it all... your giving and our actions will be transparent. Please follow our projects and get involved. You'll see exactly where all your money went.